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Archived Programs, 2008-10, Available on CD. 

#1466 Desert Island 51 -- Favorite recordings of a listener.
#1465 Shep Fields Centennial -- Rippling Rhythm plus the leader's New Music.
#1464 Raymond Scott Centennial -- Conversation with the bandleader's son, Stan Warnow.
#1463 Oscar Nominees 4 -- Movie songs from the early 1940s.
#1462 Star Trek -- Songs with the word star in the title.
#1461 David Stricklin -- Tales of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.
#1460 Desert Island 50 -- Favorite recordings of a listener.
#1459 Freddie Slack Centennial -- Saluting this famed boogie woogie pianist.
#1458 Kay Kyser Biography -- Conversation with author Steven Beasley.
#1457 Tribute To Dr. Long -- Songs enjoyed by a late listener to our program.
#1456 Desert Island 49 -- Favorite recordings of a listener.
#1455 The Flip Side -- The other side of famous big band records.
#1454 Long Play -- Tunes that took two sides of a 78 rpm record.
#1453 Desert Island 48 -- Favorite recordings of a listener.
#1452 Ray McKinley Centennial -- Tracing the career of this drummer/leader.
#1451 Swingin' The Classics 8 -- Long-hair music with a beat.
#1450 Oscar Nominees 3 -- Movie Songs.
#1449 Road Trip 3 -- Tour of the USA by songs.
#1448 Artie Shaw Centennial 3 -- The Later Years.
#1447 Artie Shaw Centennial 2 -- The Bluebird Years.
#1446 Artie Shaw Centennial 1 -- Early recordings.
#1445 Road Trip 2 -- Songs about the Mid-South and Midwest.
#1444 Lost Gems -- Hits in their day but largely forgotten today.
#1443 Oscar Nominees 2 -- Movie songs from the late 1930s.
#1442 Eddy Duchin Centennial -- Music From "The Ten Magic Fingers of Radio."
#1441 Downtown New York -- Songs about Manhattan.
#1440 Desert Island 47 -- Arkansas lady selects romantic songs.
#1439 Oscar Nominees 1 -- Movie songs from the 1930s.
#1438 Sammy Kaye Centennial.
#1437 Top 40 Singles, Part 3 -- Hit songs of 1940-45.
#1436 Just For Laughs 2 -- The funny side of the Big Band Era.
#1435 May I Borrow A Tune? 24 -- Familiar tunes, unfamiliar arrangements.
#1434 Swiss and German Swing -- Interview with Swiss music personality Max Wirz.
#1433 You Asked For It 86 -- Big Band course students name their favorites.
#1432 Milwaukee Mini -- Music reminiscent of Wisconsin metropolis.
#1431 Jurgens and Reinhart -- They would be 100 years old this month.
#1430 Centenarians 2010, Part 2 -- They'd be 100 years old if alive today.
#1429 Centenarians 2010, Part 1 -- They'd be 100 years old if alive today.
#1428 Jonah Jones Centennial -- Tracing the career of a first-class trumpeter.
#1427 Desert Island 46 -- Love songs from the 1930s and 40's.
#1426 DeSilva, Brown and Henderson -- Three collaborators on hits songs from the 30's.
#1425 Desert Island 45 -- Pine Bluff, Arkansas listener names his favorites.
#1424 Shreveport Melodies -- From the personal collection of an SDL member.
#1423 Road Trip 1 -- Traveling to every state in the union.
#1422 Van Alexander -- Conversation with bandleader from the 30's.
#1421 Johnny Mercer Centennial -- Includes seldom heard works of this master lyricist.
#1420 Desert Island 44 -- Accent on the "sweet bands."
#1419 1958 Playboy Poll -- Results of a reader survey to name top instrumentalists of 51 years ago.
#1418 Desert Island 43 -- Favorite recordings of a listener.
#1417 Valentine's Day Revisited -- More gems from the collection of a 1960's radio personality.
#1416 Art Tatum Centennial -- Celebrating the life and works of a legendary jazz pianist.
#1415 Top Boy Singers -- Results of poll among seniors.
#1414 You Asked For It 85 -- Favorite recordings of a listener.
#1413 Top Girl Singers -- Results of poll among seniors.
#1412 Top 40 Singles, 1940-44, Part 2 -- Billboard's countdown of hits.
#1411 Flea Campbell Revisited -- Conversation with sideman turned memoirist.
#1410 Welcome to This World -- Potpourri of selections from 1920-30.
#1409 1959: The Year in Music -- What they listened to 50 years ago.
#1408 Larry Clinton Centennial -- The "old dipsy doodler" would be 100 years old this month.
#1407 Claude Thornhill Centennial -- Remembering pianist-arranger-composer-bandleader.
#1406 John Rachwal Collection 2 -- Selections from a lifelong record collection.
#1405 John Tumpak, Author -- Conversation with author of new book about the big bands.
#1404 A Good Man is Hard to Find -- Remembering vocalist Butch Stone.
#1403 Valentine's Day -- Selections from the collection of a retired radio personality.
#1402 Alto-Tude -- A panoply of musicians who chose the alto sax as their instrument.
#1401 Spotlight on Bunny Berigan -- Life and music of talented trumpeter.

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